Lean Company

The target is a holistic value added system

The holistic Lean Company approach goes beyond the implementation of typical production systems.

It is aimed at a holistic value added system where all part value streams of a company are synchronized and optimized with the product value stream. This way, gains in productivity for the entire company are maximized.

The vision of an integrated “Lean Company“ from the product development to the supply chain is the foundation of our business activities. 

LMX supports you individually by consulting, training and coaching through all topics of a Lean Company.

Our focus always is a cooperative collaboration with project sponsors and employees on site.

How a framework for the transformation could appear, is exemplified here.

The targeted transformation to a Lean Company ideally takes place within a concrete connected framework.

Adjusted with the company targets, the various modules will be individually specified: Approach/vision, fundamentals/north star, principles as well as framework/basic elements together are building the Lean Business System respectively the production system as a framework for the road to a Lean Company.