Lean Development

Aligning R&D processes precisely towards customer requirements

Even for processes of product designing measurable rising efficiency and productivity can be achieved by methods of Lean Management if its levers are correctly applied. LMX, with its extensive expertise, uses an innovative approach for the optimization of development areas by Lean principles.

The core lever in Lean Development for improving a company’s performance is the lead time reduction.

The implementation of Lean Development in a company follows a 3-step-model based on the application of specific methods. The first step is dealing with the efficient self-organization of the development project members, e.g. with filing structures, working standards or problem solving techniques.  

The second step focuses on the improvement in the development process, e.g. through Obeya- & Gemba-control loops, visual management or improved efficiency in meetings. 

The third step targets the improvement of the multi project landscape respectively the R&D organization, e.g. by multi project management, Development for SCM or Total Costs of Ownership.

Specific types of waste in R&D

  • Needless/unnecessary features
  • External quality requirements
  • Redundant activities
  • Stop & go activities
  • Frequent coordination
  • Double development
  • Not synchronized/ not coordinated activities
  • Incorrect deployment

Typical results of Lean Development

  • Optimization of processes
  • Reduction of lead times
  • Reduction of Time to Market
  • Increase in productivity
  • Increase of the throughput of development projects
  • Increase of the internal and external customer satisfaction
  • Improvement of transparency and communication