Transformation approach

Lean Management as optimization program with change of culture

The transformation approach performs the implementation of Lean Management as optimization program and strives to change the culture. It focuses the empowerment of the organization. The program combines the top-down- with the bottom-up approach, and is accompanied by consultants who are acting as trainer and coaches (and not as teachers!)

Usually „small“ measurable successes with signaling effect for the complete organization are achieved quickly. By intensively involving the employees and enabling the organization a high sustainability of changes can be obtained. The “Continuous Improvement Process”, once developed, then runs without external support.

A tailormade qualification program with different modules enables the employees on all hierarchy levels.

The progam focuses on the development of expertise and concurrently on the change of behavior in the day-to-day-process. Practical application and coaching of participants are key factors.


The combination of training modules and coaching rises understanding and supports the change of behaviour in terms of Lean Management.

At the end of the program the participant passes a test with certification.