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Typical challenges
in digitization and automation

One of the biggest wastes is to digitize and automate current processes without prior optimization. Digitization and automation are not an end in themselves, but should increase the benefit for the customer. Our approach to digitization and automation addresses these challenges and issues

  • Lack of transparency to data structures
  • Automated waste
  • How digital are my processes?
  • How much potential for improvement through digitization and automation is there?
  • How can I include my very old plants in the Smart Factory?

For us, digitization means converting analog processes and structures into digital ones - without losing sight of customer benefits. We consistently follow the principle of "Optimize first, then digitize".

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Typical challenges
in qualification and empowerment

With high deadline stress and scarce resources, qualification is unfortunately often one of the first strike points. The sometimes dramatic effects are visible with a delay and can lead to massive problems.

  • Output reduction, because e.g. jobs cannot be filled
  • Downtimes due to lack of know-how
  • Slowed down processes and workflows due to inefficiencies and rework
  • Frustrated workforce, as knowledge is not built up
  • Boring training formats

LMX takes into account the various framework conditions and has developed a wide range of qualifications - from classic classroom training, TWI (Training within Industry), virtual live training, e-learning, coaching to standardized learning paths. Insights into our open trainings can be found here.

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Typical challenges
in IT

The dependency on IT systems is constantly increasing, user requirements are becoming more demanding and release cycles tend to be shorter. The IT departments that supply specialist departments with applications for their daily work or develop software products for customers have many interfaces with other departments and various points of contact with their customers. Typical challenges in this environment are

    Delayed delivery of software
    Frustratingly long turnaround times for incidents and change requests for both IT staff and requesters
    Unclear requirements and unstable prioritization
    Excessive complexity in processes
    Unhealthy multitasking

LMX addresses these challenges with the Lean Administration approach and agile methods.

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Typical challenges
in R&D

Product development processes are often characterized by high complexity, many departments involved and high time pressure, which makes them susceptible to problems and challenges:

  • too low maturity level at SOP (start of production)
  • unclear and changing requirements
  • negative multitasking - too many projects in parallel
  • lack of and/or unstable prioritization of projects
  • interface problems especially in globally distributed organizations

LMX meets the challenges with the Lean Development approach and with agile methods.

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