Transformation from analogue to digital

Customised digitization solutions for the Smart Factory, Office 4.0 and for digital collaboration

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For us, "digitization" means converting analogue processes and structures into digital ones - without losing sight of the customer benefits. We consistently follow the principle of "optimise first, then digitise". We are convinced that the value contribution for the customer in the Lean Company can be further increased through digitization.


Our solutions

We group the diverse solutions within the framework of digitization into three focus areas.

Smart Factory

In the Smart Factory, modern production systems, new automation technologies, the use of data and its provision via assistance systems achieve waste-free processes and optimal support for people.


Digital collaboration

Collaboration from the home office and in distributed teams requires adapted routines and methods to keep team performance high. Tools for collaboration, task management and organisation are just as important as the right behaviour and rules for collaboration. The implementation of e.g. value stream analyses, workshops or trainings in remote format are now part of our daily routine. Today, we know well what works digitally and what does not.


Office 4.0

Our solutions for Office 4.0 range from digital 5S to the automation of processes. We use digitalisation to support and expand lean methods. In doing so, we focus on the value-added application of software and not on its development or licence sales.  Business Process Management, Robotic Process Automation and Process Mining are key topics that we apply methodically and in terms of tools in our projects.


Virtualisation of training

We conduct about half of our trainings and qualifications virtually or as hybrid events and receive very positive feedback, which is why we keep remote trainings in our portfolio even without the need for Corona. We support the partial conversion of your face-to-face training portfolio to a sensible mix of digital, hybrid and on-site delivery.



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Judith Fellcshes
(Bereich Smart Office)

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(Bereich Smart Factory)

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