LEAN MAINTENANCE Strengthening plant performance with tailored maintenance efforts

The target of lean maintenance organizations is to provide optimum support for plant availability while keeping costs to a minimum.

Practice oriented concepts

Lean Maintenance

An appropriate design of maintenance processes is possible if the maintenance requirements for the individual plants are evaluated based on the value stream. This ensures, for example, that a bottleneck plant is maintained at a higher cost than machines of lesser importance for the functioning value stream.

For tasks in the area of lean maintenance, experts with proven special knowledge are available as contact persons in the LMX team.

Typical results

  •     Increase in productivity
  •     Reduction of lead time
  •     Reduction of maintenance costs
  •     Increase in plant availability
  •     Increase in plannable maintenance activities
  •     Reduction of "firefighting actions
  •     Synchronization of maintenance with the production system

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Our solutions

TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)

Holistic approach to maintenance for the care and repair of equipment in production. It is important here that employees are involved in improvement activities.

Target: Increasing the OEE of plants (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Overall equipment effectiveness is a measure of the value added by a plant.

Smart Maintenance

Intelligent maintenance takes into account digitization, monitoring and automated evaluation of production plants and buildings as well as the technical infrastructure of companies.

Target:Higher plant availability, lower maintenance costs, location-independent maintenancem Real-time data

The concept of Lean Administration provides effective methods for optimizing processes and structures in indirect company areas. These include meaningful analysis tools for identifying potential and areas for action as well as effective approaches and methods for the sustainable optimization of process landscapes.



Waste-free production is the basis of the Lean Company. Following the example of major automotive manufacturers, numerous companies have designed precisely defined production systems with precisely coordinated process landscapes. The target is value stream-oriented production that functions without waste and is the decisive basis for the company's competitiveness.



The target of lean maintenance organizations is to provide optimum support for plant availability while at the same time limiting costs to the minimum necessary.



The service and after-sales areas make a decisive contribution to capacity utilization, revenue generation and customer satisfaction. The service organization can also be effectively optimized through the use of lean management.



Measurable increases in efficiency and productivity can also be achieved for product design processes using lean management methods if the levers are applied correctly.