The Lean Company is fit, agile and fast

Being fit, agile and fast -  that’s "Lean" for LMX and this is what we want to achieve for our clients.

"Creating value without waste" is still the central idea of Lean Management.

Contrary to classic capacity concentration the implementation of Lean focuses on eliminating waste from the value creation process – in order to improve the economy of value added and to increase our clients' competitiveness.

The strongest effects can be achieved by a holistic and systemic implementation: Lean Management as a holistic value-added system throughout all divisions. The Lean Company is as a vision like the North Star of future-oriented Lean activities.

On the path to a Lean Company all direct and indirect processes are involved and synchronized to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and profitability.

The pursuit of perfection – as an essential element of the Lean Philosophy – and the continuous improvement process (CIP) for the iterative optimization of the entire Lean Company become a part of the daily routine: For each member of the organization.